About Abdul Samad (Memorial) Trust

Abdul Samad (Memorial) Trust Medical Centre was developed in 4th Dec 2012 by the Abdul Samad Group of companies registered with HEALTH REGULATORY AUTHORITY (HRA), it has aimed to provide free medical facilities to those people who don’t have enough financial resources to afford the medical expenses, it provides Initial Health Coverage with Proper Base Line Investigations to improve health care and discourage self medication, most of the small diseases are converted in to a life taking disease because of not getting initial health coverage and proper base line investigations. It is taken as a part of Abdul Samad Group Of Companies to give full attention and devotion and all the reporting of operation is supervised by the head office of Abdul Samad Group of Companies located at Riwand road Lahore. The president gives personal attention to Abdul Samad (Memorial) Trust Medical Centre. It’s a nonprofit organization. Here at Abdul Samad (Memorial) Trust Medical Centre there is no discrimination on race gender and wealth. We believe in equality of human beings and equality of rights given to the citizens with No Discrimination.