President Message:

Abdul Samad (Memorial) Trust Medical Centre is located in kakshal No:2 is registered with Health regularity authority(HRA), started its working on 4th Dec 2012, it is nonprofit organization which gives free (medical treatment as well as laboratory test , ultra sound and medication facility with glasses to the patients with weak vision). ). It has following departments

  1. Paeds(children)
  2. General OPD
  3. Gynae
  4. Eye department.
  5. Dermatology
  6. Laboratory
  7. Pharmacy (with free medicine facility)
  8. Ultra sound (free)

From 10 Dec 2012 till date 10 Dec 2016 ASMT has given medical facilities to over 413,105 patient free of cost, and aiming to grow higher to convert it in to a 24 hours hospital with all facilities, Main trustees are Abdul Samad group of companies.