Career at Abdul Samad Group:

At Abdul Samad Group, our effort is to capture and nurture the spirit and enthusiasm that's synonymous with vitality, diversity, entrepreneurship and best business practices. We offer individuals a variety of career development paths that enable them to contribute to our company goals as well as their professional development. We believe that Company’s System should be empowered rather than an individual, we are systems oriented company. Our attractive HR policies, Team work and excellent working environment set us apart and we always try to become an employer of choice in Auto Industry.

Our Culture:

Our culture is built upon our core values and is what distinguishes us from the other automobile industries. Our customers are the pivotal point of our business operations, from improvement and development in products and after sales services , we encourage an environment where creativity can flourish. At the workplace, talented individuals from varied backgrounds and cultures come together furthering our commitment to diversity and inclusion. (Paste different photo of our employee’s activities like “The day of commitment”, Lahore green frield country club, birthday events etc. Hiring Process:

Our People

We take pride in our people and consider them to be our greatest resource in making us one of the fastest growing organizations in Pakistan in Automobile Sector. We don’t just offer employment opportunities – we offer prospects of personal and professional growth. Our employees are entrusted with great responsibilities in order to nurture their innovations and development. We are committed to recruit and retaining the best talent irrespective of gender, ethnicity, race or religion. Blending highly skilled individuals from diverse backgrounds, with varied experiences as one team, has been one of the most professionally stimulating and rewarding experiences here in Abdul Samad Group.